Welcome to SteelPHP

SteelPHP is more than yet another php-based framework. It is a website development kit. It has all it takes to build complex, robust and secure web applications - from early prototypes to enterprise applications.

It supports a strict architecture approach.

It does not follow widespread conventions just for the sake of it.

The tallest buildings are made of steel.

Getting Started!

Strict architecture approach

In this website development kit each bit has its defined place. SteelPHP is not a set of loosely coupled components. SteelPHP comes with a strict architecture approach - on how websites and web services interact with each other, how databases are encapsulated, and how web applications are built and assembled internally.

CRUD on steroids

SteelPHP comes with a powerful CRUD feature. Database encapsulation, web service implementation, and management GUI is derived from configuration and code implementation (not just scaffolding) for ultimate development speed. E.g. adding a new attribute to an existing entity requires only 3 little changes. This is unrivaled.

Extreme Test Driven Development

In SteelPHP automated tests are not just part of a deployment process but a built-in feature of the web application you are building. Tests are part of the actual source code and deployed and continuously executed in production.

It’s not YAPF

SteelPHP is not just yet another php framework. This website development kit does not blindly follow conventions (like PSR-2) just for the sake of it. Its templating and separation of concerns approach is way beyond MVC. Its done right - not just like all others do it.

Cool for large teams

SteelPHP comes with a separation of concerns approach and code organization scheme that makes it suitable for larger projects teams. Different features and components alongside the vertical stack can be developed independently and simultaneously.

Security built-in

Needless to say but of course SteelPHP comes with various built-in security features. There is protection from malicious user content, means against SQL injection, cross site scripting, CSRF, session hijacking, tests that detect an insecure environment setup and more.


SteelPHP is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.



SteelPHP is enterprise ready. The architecture approach supports the idea of web services in a DMZ with web services and database servers within the corporate network.
Security is built-in by design and should help you to survive any security officer's audit.
No one get's fired for using SteelPHP.


I want SteelPHP to thrive and evolve and I will make sure that you get all the support needed to learn and use SteelPHP in your projects.

When you find bugs, I will fix them. If you submit productizeable ideas, I will implement them if ever feasible.

Project-specific consulting is available. Get in touch!